RIMS - Rivet replacement

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This tool is owned by JP Henrikes. Origin unknown but says "Hungary" on it and has a part number of P 001 and a logo of an "S" over a "T" in a vertical oval. Notice the angled cut, which clears the angle of the clip. I have seen a picture of this in an original workshop manual, but no part # was called out. I have recently seen this tool for sale at some places. Call around to the big companies.


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Many companies carry replacement clips (such as www.wolfsburgwest.com ), and most of them are junk.These clips are made in Brazil. After you spend all your time replacing them they break the first time you take your hubcap off. Try your local VW dealer for the original ones, theyre still available. VW calls them "Springs".

The clip (spring) is VW part number:  111 601 131
and the rivet is part number:  N 013 407 1

NOTE: some people have commented that it is much easier to use a countersunk screw with the head on the backside of the rim (hole is countersunk) and a nut to secure the rivets. Makes for easier replacement. Not correct of course, but if your usin aftermarket rivets and clips, then whats the difference right?