Unsolved Mystery's

Below are mystery's that plague the truck lovers who want to restore their truck "correctly". VW kept poor records so its up to you, the user, to crack this ancient code.

Speedometer pod's
On a normal bus, there was a switch on the left side of the pod that controlled the dome light in the *rear* cargo area:

Since trucks don't have a rear cargo light, there was in fact a truck only speedo pod seen on *many* trucks, that didn't have the hole drilled for the switch:
nohole.jpg (13296 bytes)

Then there have been original paint trucks that had the hole drilled but nothing installed as if the pod was pulled off of a normal bus even though it is original to the truck.  And there have also been original paint trucks with the hole but they had a block-off plug like this:
holeplug.jpg (23356 bytes)

what do you have?

Dome light
Some trucks didn't even have the hole drilled for the dome light behind your head. Some had the hole but didn't come with a light, and you can tell that the original paint is still in the holes, they have never had screws put in them. Then some came with the hole, but no light, and didn't even have the wiring harness installed for it.
domehole.jpg (54033 bytes)
What do you have?

Rubber stop's for the gates
see this section for more info

Rear view mirror's
This is a difficult one since so many people installed rear view mirror's in trucks and dealers also installed them so there's no documentation as to who did it. There have been many original paint trucks seen without rear view mirrors or the holes for them.

What do you have?

more mystery's coming soon

Want to contribute to this research?  Email me your model and year, and inform me of the specifics of how your truck is to help aid in this research.