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West Coast Metric Wolfsburg West
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As seen above, WCM only carry's a 25 and a 40mm. WW doesn't even bother to list the 40mm but includes a 12mm.
What is goin on?

This section is for people who insist on correct year parts, more commonly called "vintage nazi's"
If you don't care, press your "back" button, and then go put 25mm's on all spots like WCM says and like 80% of trucks that I have seen "restored".
Rubber stops are still in debate and unclear to anyone I've talked to. I am pretty confident on what spots were used on what years, the real question is what *lengths* of stoppers were used in what years. I've got it pretty much straightened out on my list below. 

The main items currently being researched are what lengths for D and E,
when was 40mm stoppers used, 
and all Euro model specs are still up in the air.. 

What does your original truck have? If you have any information to regarding this please let me know! If your original paint rear tailgate doesn't even have holes for the rubber stops, (spot C) please email me with year and model etc!

*** See pic below for reference letters.***
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Note: Spot
A , B and F are for both side gates and will refer to both side gates when applicable.

Welcome to my madness that picks at my brain as I attempt to decipher the chaos that VW has inflicted upon us poor 'vintage nazi's.'
First of all regarding lengths: I am unsure as to what the -exact- lengths were. As far as I can tell they were approx 15mm (short), 25mm (medium) and 40mm(long) used respectively throughout the years. I will just refer to them as 15, 25 and 40. For some reason the mail-order houses are calling them 12mm but I have measured original ones and get about 15, and the parts book even makes one mention of 15mm. The spots I'm really trying to figure out are D, E and F. Check the list at the bottom of the page to see what is still under research.

Lets talk mail-order house's to start off with shall we?:

WCM says that  A and B used 25mm stops for all years (sold in 4 pack) . They also say that 2 other 40mm stoppers were used from 52-61 only, on "sidegates, bottom".  They completely ignore that a 12/15mm bumper even exists and never mention that anything even goes on the tailgate?!
It is noted that
WW recently changed their online catalog after I posted this article (coincidence?), to reflect the 12mm stop be used "on rear lower corner of single cab and double cab, without screw, fits all single cab and double cab models through 1974, German" ??????????? They must be referring to spot E, but there's no telling if this info is correct since they say "74 and down",  but  pre 62/63  doesn't even have a hole there originally.

for what its worth, I have had both WCM's and WW's and I liked WW's cause they weren't so waxy and shiny and weird looking like WCM's. WW's are german.

Note: As stated below, I believe that spot A had a 15mm up until 59. the only reason I can think of that the gate stops would be 2 different sizes on one gate, was even though VW didn't feel it was necessary to have a stopper in spot A, they put it there to avoid paint scratches.
In the later years when they added spot
E (62 or 63) , the gates had rubber in spot A, B and E which meant the gate was only hitting in the back between spot E and B anyway so who knows what was goin thru their head.

I have recently seen an assumed original 1960 Double cab with rubber bumpers on spot
E. I'm still trying to gather data on this but id like to know if you have a single or double cab earlier then a 62 that has rubber on spot E. It seems that the only trucks that have rubber on spot E before 62/63 are a slight few double cabs.

parts list *info* from ANY YEAR. Please Email me and lemme know what yours says

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The following is my personal opinion on what went where when, based on the information I have collected and seen -

Current "Facts" unless otherwise stated


52=>54: These years had a center rubber stop in the middle of the side gates, spot F.

   A * symbol means Fact.
A - 12mm*
spotB - 25mm
C - 25mm
D - 25mm
E - not used on these years *
F - either 12mm or 25mm?
Smooth gate pics:
53rubbump2.jpg (22069 bytes)
54pamp.rubbump5.jpg (9235 bytes)
1954 pamphlet
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54 pamphlet
53booklet.rubbump3.jpg (17561 bytes)
53rubbump6.jpg (11276 bytes)

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Stamped gate pics:

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1955 pamphlet

rubbump1.jpg (9378 bytes)
54rubbbump8.jpg (16367 bytes)

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1954 Parts manual states:
261 829 631 sidegates qty 6 
261 829 635 tailgate    qty 2

Ok the above list means one of 2 things:....

#1 - It calls out "tailgate qty2" , but when you look at the diagram it looks like its referring to spot
D which is what the tailgate would hit on.  So Depending on interpretation, lets say the parts list is an early 55 and didn't bother mentioning the middle gate stops spot F on the side gates since it was discontinued in 55, so-
qty6 is referring to 2 rubbers on both the sides and the rear gate.
qty2 is referring to the 2 down below on the body on spot D
spotD.jpg (91871 bytes)


#2 - The qty6 is only for the side gates which includes the one in the middle of the side gates (3 on each side gate) ,And the "tailgate qty2" is in fact refering to the tailgate itself having 2 on it. But Then that would mean there is no mention of the body spot

Need information from a parts manual that was made *before* 1954.

I believe #1 to be correct.

A * symbol means Fact.
spotA - 12mm*
B - 25mm*
C - 25mm*
D -25mm
E - not used on these years. *
spotF - not used on these years. *
EURO - all spots same as U.S. (55-58)
Some people have sworn that their truck came with 12mm in spot A and 25mm bumpers in spot B, C,and D. This is how my 57 SC was when I drug it out of a field. (doesn't make sense to have 2 different lengths on one gate, but that's how mine was and most all trucks as well.) 

***Note: Most Binz models appeared without rubber bumpers on their rear gate. 
A * symbol means Fact.
spotA - 12mm *
spotB - 25mm *
spotC - 25mm *
spotD - not used on these years*
spotE - not used on these years *
spotF - not used on these years *
EURO: spot C 40mm??
EURO: spot
D(possibly not even used?)
EURO: all other spots same as U.S.
Since overriders were added to U.S. models, spot D was no longer used. Rear gate now hit on the overriders. (that coincides with the parts list below)  Anyone have a Euro truck for these years or later? I'd be interested in exchanging emails with you since Euro trucks didn't have overriders.
*Information needed regarding rear spots*

59 parts list, calls out information as follows

261 829 575    - rubber buffer: side gates qty -4
261 829 577    - rubber buffer: tailgate qty -2
261 829 577A  -rubber buffer: tailgate (for home market only) qty - 2

**Home market means Euro


***Note: Most Binz models appeared without rubber stops on their rear gate.

A * symbol means Fact.
spotA - 12mm *
B - 25mm *
C - 25mm *
D - not used on these years.*
E - 25mm

F - not used on these years. *
EURO: spot
C - 40mm??
EURO: spot
D:(possibly not even used?)
EURO: all other spots same as U.S.
67 updated parts list states:
261 829 575    - 26x15 quantity 4 -sidegates

261 829 577    - 28x24 quantity 4  -sidegates

261 829 577    -  28x24 quantity 2  -tailgate
261 829 577a  -  (For home market only) quantity 2  -tailgate

Still trying to figure this one out. Why is there 2 different part numbers listed for the side gates with 4 qty on each? Only thing i can figure out is one of those sidegate p/n's are for Euro also, they just didnt write it in the book like the tailgate listing.

**Home market means Euro

Special thanks to Everett Barnes and Clara W. for their information contributions