Below are the only known surviving Binz models. Email me if you have/know of a Binz model. 
Items of interest; VIN#, Binz Tag#, Body number behind the seat, original engine /transmission number if known, location, owners etc. 
tag.jpg (31827 bytes)
Registry credits

Ref. Binz tag# Information/Location/Status Photos

--1958 Models--

1 #44 Midwest


#70 WI=> Ebay =>Arizona
Undergoing restoration
yellowsubmarinebnz.jpg (35084 bytes) bnz702.jpg (44294 bytes)


#73 Florida=>NC=>South CA
blkbnz2.jpg (81560 bytes) blkbnz3.jpg (68724 bytes) 
blkbnz3.jpg (68724 bytes) blkbnz1.jpg (87419 bytes) blkbnz4.jpg (83322 bytes)
4 #76 Arizona =>CA
5 #83 MS->FL->GA->NC
Binz832.jpg (169169 bytes) Binz833.jpg (102560 bytes)
6 #105 Idaho->Iowa->CO->Ebay->Canada B.C.
Undergoing restoration
ebaybnz2.jpg (33097 bytes) ebaybnz4.jpg (33629 bytes)
7 #114 NV=>AZ=>NH
Originally Ivory (1 of 4 known)

JHBinz.jpg (20280 bytes)binzunknown.jpg (16460 bytes)
  binzNVunknown.jpg (61987 bytes)

8 #115 CA Ivory (2of4 known)
Undergoing restoration
621983.jpg (56934 bytes) 621984.jpg (52922 bytes)
9 #116 CA
Originally Ivory (3of4 known)

Undergoing restoration
nosbinz.jpg (54935 bytes)
10 #124 CA
(# unconfirmed)
greybnz1.jpg (202278 bytes) greybnz2.jpg (234828 bytes)  
kustumbnz.jpg (94036 bytes)
23bnz.jpg (30984 bytes)
trend1.jpg (75380 bytes)
trend3.jpg (62201 bytes)
trendz1.jpg (64971 bytes) trendz2.jpg (34896 bytes)
11 #131 WA=>Idaho =>CA
Awaiting restoration
4460.jpg (81721 bytes) binz2.jpg (68452 bytes)
binz3.jpg (70833 bytes)  
12 #148 Pennsylvania =>FL
148Binz1.jpg (88568 bytes) 148binz2.jpg (104264 bytes)
binzr.jpg (62233 bytes)148resto1.jpg (81018 bytes)
13 #151 CA
151.2.jpg (24943 bytes)151bnz.jpg (40203 bytes)  
151.3.jpg (18645 bytes)
151.1.jpg (22999 bytes)
14 #169 CA=>Arizona
169binz.jpg (79429 bytes) 1691.jpg (97280 bytes)
Web page
15 #174 Florida =>U.K.
174binz1.jpg (96404 bytes) 2243674.jpg (56846 bytes)
16 #176 South Carolina => Ebay => Arizona => CA => AZ
binz176.jpg (133219 bytes) 58binz.jpg (59692 bytes)
Binzxx.jpg (262366 bytes)
17 #181 Oregon=>Arizona
Original paint
 see webpage->
wadebinz.jpg (56496 bytes)181binz1.jpg (57387 bytes)
Web page
18 #183 Oregon. 
183b1.jpg (90086 bytes)183b2.jpg (68660 bytes)
19 #187 CA=>Florida =>CA
binzfront.jpg (20786 bytes)binzbut.jpg (23788 bytes) 
187b42.jpg (69446 bytes)
187b4.jpg (17094 bytes)
20 #196 Florida. Earliest Binz found with a regular style door, but still a true 58 model (june). 59binz.jpg (122519 bytes)59binz067.jpg (122992 bytes)
21 #198 Montana=>San jose CA =>Campbell CA=> Los gatos CA => New York => CA
see webpage->
Still suicide rear door

Undergoing restoration
1981.jpg (79740 bytes)1982.jpg (74810 bytes)
Web page

--1959 Models--

22 #444 CA. Has a normal opening rear door, as well as all models found after this (September of 58)
Undergoing restoration
(need more info/owner on this)
444.jpg (42417 bytes)
23 #498 CA=>Ebay=>NY
(Logo'ed by previous owner)
 see webpage->
binzunknown002.jpg (110661 bytes)binzunknown 001.jpg (78476 bytes)
Web page
24 #532 San Carlos CA=>Novato CA
Undergoing restoration
59who2.jpg (22971 bytes)59who1.jpg (18029 bytes)
DSCN0168lorez.jpg (122769 bytes) DSCN0170lorez.jpg (172063 bytes) DSCN0171lorez.jpg (166477 bytes)
25 #535 Fresno CA => UT=> North CA.  Has Binz rear seat and og paint.
Awaiting resto
5353.jpg (256903 bytes)
5351.jpg (326760 bytes) 5352.jpg (320917 bytes) 5354.jpg (331500 bytes) 535binzplate.jpg (46555 bytes)
26 #539 CA
Originally dove blue. Same owner for 20 years
539.2.jpg (73529 bytes)539.4.jpg (84275 bytes)
539.1.jpg (79842 bytes)539.3.jpg (81400 bytes)
27 #540 CA (LA)=> U.K.
redklassic.jpg (34686 bytes) goldbinz.jpg (45182 bytes)
540bnz.jpg (43188 bytes)
28 ?? (1959)Found in a yard down in Mexico then was custom/resto'ed.
Currently in Mexico.  (Note the non-binz  gates) For sale in classifieds. 
binzunknown2.jpg (49352 bytes) mexico1.jpg (244506 bytes) mexico2.jpg (166619 bytes)
29 ?? (1959)Currently in japan, looking for info/owner
(possibly the same as unknown #30???)
crossbnz.jpg (17887 bytes)


These are crushed or damaged beyond repair

30 #27 R.I.P.
Florida -Crushed
This binz no longer exists.

(4of4 Ivory known)

 Ad seen in old newsletter, September 1985: "58 double cab #27, good in & out. Parked for ten years, orig motor. $1000 Jax, Florida"

krushedfl.jpg (158056 bytes) 

31 #184 R.I.P.
Bulkhead attacked by a sawzall to save Binz #151. Lower pic shows typical  factory writing on ceiling saying: "Tauben Blau" (Dove Blau)

b23.jpg (61376 bytes)b24.jpg (83065 bytes)   
b64.jpg (76215 bytes)
junkyardbinz1842.jpg (51128 bytes) roofwriting.jpg (16234 bytes) junkyrdbinz184.jpg (54940 bytes)


help!UNKNOWN BINZ  #'shelp!

Total count
(cont. from above)

Any information on these unknowns is *greatly* appreciated. Their tags may be missing, or the entire bus may have disappeared or been destroyed.
Would like Binz numbers/VIN #'s/Owner Names or etc. ANYTHING is helpful in the search

32 (1959)
Sent to Japan, Info/Location unknown-

japbinz.jpg (16355 bytes)


This is a Black and white picture that came directly from the Binz factory. Appears to be a 54-55. This is the only actual photo of a Barndoor Binz that I have ever seen. Everything else has just been realistic drawings. Location/info unknown- MIA

54binz.jpg (79415 bytes)


Article found in a sock drawer of a friends deceased relative.
Whereabouts unknown-

dcelgin.jpg (74804 bytes)

35 (1958)
Was in North Carolina as a storage shed as seen in the picture, but  is now gone from that spot and its current location is unknown. The Binz tag has been seen floating around the swap meets. Need more info. Whereabouts unknown - MIA
Possibly Binz #250/ 205???

NCbinz.jpg (45437 bytes)NCbinz3.jpg (30223 bytes)NCbinz2.jpg (38621 bytes)


(1958)No information is known about this one. Possibly located in Europe? Note the body color rims and the door rubber hanging down. Also appeared in a German text VW book. Info/Location unknown - MIA

vintagebusbinz.jpg (96537 bytes)Binzbook.jpg (41562 bytes) 

37 (1959)
White Binz for sale in the swaps. Info/Location unknown -

whiterescue.jpg (30538 bytes)

38 "1953" tobacco tin I picked up on an auction site. 2 tone blue Binz with harp mirrors and safaris photo on the lid of the tin. (Rear door on opposite side or photo flip?) MIA

binztin.jpg (17337 bytes)

Summary- 38 Binz's in the registry and 2 of those are scrapped.  29 of those are possible restoration candidates (or already restored) out of 550! I have managed to personally view 13 of these Binz's so far. Please help in identifying the unknown pics above! 
Here are a few Trucks that have been altered by unknown owners, and resemble a Binz in some way or another.
HPIM0903 (Small).JPG (32016 bytes) HPIM0904 (Small).JPG (52919 bytes) HPIM0905 (Small).JPG (31705 bytes) HPIM0906 (Small).JPG (57084 bytes) HPIM0907 (Small).JPG (26563 bytes) HPIM0908 (Small).JPG (51198 bytes) HPIM0909 (Small).JPG (53180 bytes) HPIM0910 (Small).JPG (57099 bytes) HPIM0911 (Small).JPG (34029 bytes) HPIM0912 (Small).JPG (28797 bytes) HPIM0913 (Small).JPG (43536 bytes) HPIM0914 (Small).JPG (46536 bytes)
This is an October 52 Single cab
Engine number: 20501911
VIN: 20038832
Submitted by Sander Gielen
Image016.jpg (220643 bytes) Image018.jpg (148324 bytes) Image019.jpg (149842 bytes) Image020.jpg (138864 bytes) Image023.JPG (159120 bytes) Image022.jpg (43304 bytes)
 b21.jpg (26924 bytes) b22.jpg (23599 bytes) b23.jpg (19899 bytes) b24.jpg (23223 bytes) b25.jpg (19605 bytes)
Binz Crew Cab 1.jpg (92880 bytes) Binz Crew cab 2.jpg (75898 bytes) Binz Crew cab 3.jpg (75014 bytes) Binz Crew Cab 4.jpg (90084 bytes) 
Image010.jpg (39816 bytes)
Image011.jpg (30172 bytes) Image012.jpg (66452 bytes) Image013.jpg (41636 bytes) Image014.jpg (41888 bytes) 

VIN 695626
submitted by  Javier Sapello / Daniel Friedman
Note the roll up drivers side window and strange bulkhead

fakeswedebinz.jpg (183474 bytes)

Submitted by Everett Barnes
This is suspected to be a colorized black and white photo. It is LHD with a left side door, Swedish specs. Sign on door refers to a construction company.
Also notice that the vertical line for the rear edge of the front door "disappears" up by the semaphore, as well as some of the lines for the rear door also vanish.

566604.jpg (232549 bytes) 566605.jpg (178431 bytes)
4350646309_e16e90caf1_b.jpg (581548 bytes)
In the swedish forest. Looks to be a 58, RHD. This is reported to have been made by swedish coachbuilt company named; "Forsell&Lindkvist" from Uppsala..