(Sitting next to some friends at Lake Havasu,BBB, 2004)

binz11.jpg (86570 bytes) binz22.jpg (87118 bytes) 

Here we stopped for some supplies on the way to Jerome in september. Didn't have the canvas yet, had to pick it up at the Jerome show.
click here if you want to read my story of how, when, and where I got this original paint Binz.

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Operation: The 'Bullet Binz' Extraction:

Initial examination/pictures/observation

Here is the field extraction. Thank god for winches! The original decklid was laying the bed along with a 58 bus engine, and other misc items. bulethole.jpg (21271 bytes) bnztrailer1.jpg (33695 bytes) 181binz1.jpg (57387 bytes)
Accident that delayed the binz's arrival home on the I84 in Idaho. Luckily neither I nor the Binz was involved, but almost.  Yes that shadow in the darkness is a full length semi that is on its side spanning across the whole highway. moving1.jpg (48733 bytes) moving3.jpg (40737 bytes) moving4.jpg (44025 bytes) moving2.jpg (32079 bytes) moving5.jpg (83489 bytes) moving6.jpg (30353 bytes) moving9.jpg (42288 bytes) moving10.jpg (45128 bytes)
Binz safe at home in AZ, started to clean it out, 30 minutes later its already improving b4clean.jpg (81934 bytes) cleanint.jpg (53737 bytes) binzclean.jpg (33322 bytes) kicknumber.jpg (350037 bytes)
Binz Tag 
181tag.jpg (35225 bytes)
Eberspacher gas heater under the front seat! dealer installed. Very unusual spot to see them and rare early style model also! I haven't been able to find any manuals documenting this exact early model style.

gasheat2.jpg (85407 bytes) eberz.jpg (304539 bytes) gasexit2.jpg (27059 bytes) gasexit.jpg (35854 bytes) gasheat1.jpg (139742 bytes) 
Eberspacher tag reads as follows:
~~S 015
(next box is blank)

Date code on the fuel pump, Installed since new!
eberdatecode.jpg (328939 bytes)

Here's some literature detailing the rare setup of having the heater under the seat. This wasn't very popular as people didn't like the idea of sitting on top of a gas/electric device. Thanks to Chris of slammedpanel.com for the scan! eberlit.jpg (198494 bytes) eberlit2.jpg (219582 bytes)
Pedal pan still installed and the speedo says 8000 miles...coincidence? =) pedalpan.jpg (55314 bytes)

Original rims, dated 5/58. Made by KpZ. also has VW stamp on them.

kpl2.jpg (31893 bytes) kpz3.jpg (121358 bytes) kpz2.jpg (56601 bytes)
Original tool roll found under seat! Also the original crankstart handle and the prop rod for the decklid were down there too. Those white things on the tool roll are black widow eggs and webs. Was this roll ever even used? Notice the smaller mystery bar that isn't called out in the manual. tools2.jpg (64352 bytes) crankhandle.jpg (37533 bytes)
Here's the factory birth cert for my binz binzcert.jpg (102461 bytes)

Bucket O Carb's!

  And an October 58 36hp bus engine with all the parts.

carb.jpg (109822 bytes) enginestuff.jpg (175090 bytes)
Dealership sticker on decklid. Hinges had broken so the decklid was laid in the bed. Also original Oregon plates from when it was first purchased. Plates match title from 1973 dealersticker1.jpg (29070 bytes) dealersticker2.jpg (26817 bytes)
Various shots. Doglegs very nice, as well as the glass gutters. dogs.jpg (49923 bytes) windowside.jpg (50992 bytes)
Front bumper white basically just wore away. As you can see Binz painted the whole bumper dove blue front and back including the bolt heads, then they added the silver white. rib1.jpg (27742 bytes) rib2.jpg (25969 bytes)



2008-current In hibernation, getting a splitcase/36 rebuild
Jan 06 After putting in almost 3 years as a daily driver, the tranny went out. Currently sporting a donor tranny until the rebuild is done.
September 03 Took it to its first show,  the Jerome campout. Half way there, the rear shiftrod coupler sheared in half. A buddy of mine managed to rig it up using wire we found on the side of the road until we made it into Jerome where I changed it out with a new one and had an enjoyable and trouble free weekend. 
June 15th 03 The binz rolled around the neighborhood under its own power this morning for the first time since 78! It drove like a dream, no freeplay in the steering whatsoever. Front end is tight and tranny ran perfect!
June 7th 03
  • Installed front and rear windows
  • Tried to fill with gas but it had holes in it. Removed and replaced tank.
May 17-18th 03
  • Replaced all fuses and cleaned fuse block.
  • Went thru the wiring, looks to be complete and original with most original connectors still.
  • Clutch not working properly, need to investigate. Suspect bowden.
  • Installed NOS ignition switch
  • Rebuilt petcock assembly, replaced fuel lines, lubed reserve line.
  • Noticed the Eberspacher gas heater brass Y tube was still installed next to the petcock. Cleaned and reinstalled when fuel line was replaced.
    eberfitting.jpg (61528 bytes)
  • Even though I have said the last 2 weekends would be test drive Binz weekend, this next weekend for sure will be test drive Binz weekend haha.
  • Examined driver door to see why the latch wouldn't work right. It's missing a screw. Anyone have an extra?
May 13th 03
  • Installed new rear main shaft seal for tranny and new axle boots
  • Drained, then filled tranny with GL4
  • Installed new brakes all the way around: wheel cylinders, flex lines, master cylinder, reservoir crush gasket. Bleed brakes etc.
  • New clutch cable / throttle cable
  • Installed new engine compartment seals, battery, starter
  • Installed engine.
  • Removed and cleaned petcock on gas tank. Replaced screen.
April 21st 03 Binz work is well underway. Had drums turned and reassembly has begun. New shoes, wheel cylinders, lines, etc. Applied small amounts of heat to rear gate latches since they were a little hard to move. Drained tranny.
April 20th 03 My birthday! spent the weekend workin on the Binz. Completely stripped brake assembly's down. All rear lug nuts were frozen. After some heat, some cussing, and a 1/2" drive impact, they came off.

Ahh what fun lies ahead for me!!!!
binzwhel.jpg (105658 bytes)
binzhwel2.jpg (88412 bytes)
Everything known of was living in here, and there were 2 rocks and a chestnut in this one??? Unfortunately, all of them are like this!
April19/03: Replaced/Rebuilt window assembly's for the cabin doors
April 18th 03 began rubbing out the body with 'claybar'

more to come!