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(reflectors at bottom)
These changes applied to all bus, not truck specific

1952 =>1953 up to 20-070431 (US and Euro) Single filament,  Used as driving light only, almost flat lense **need pic**
1954 =>mid1955 20-070431 to 20-117901(US and Euro) Single filament. Used as
 driving lights only. Lenses say K~1509. Hella/VW typically stamped on ring. Also is a common version seen without the VW/Hella on the ring.
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AMERICAN mid 1955 => mid1957 (~april) - Dual filament. Lense is more 
recessed then earlier years. Used as turn signals and 
driving lights only. (brakelight was on decklid)

There are 2 styles floating around:
Style#1-the most common- Lenses say SBL17 and
HELLA on them (as seen on right). Chrome ring has 
no markings on it. Some people  believe Style#1 was 
an original replacement assembly.

Style#2 - Lenses just say HELLA. Chrome Ring has 
HELLA and  VW symbols punched on them.
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EUROPEAN mid1955 => mid1957 (~april)
Single filament, used as driving lights only. Lense is 
perfectly flat and  Reflective so seperate reflectors 
weren't used.(brakelight on decklid)
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mid 1957=> 1962 (US and Euro)
Screw type connector used until 1960 - then slip-on type until 62.
(below picture is a reproduction set available from ECONO or oldvolks )
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1962=>1971 (US and Euro)
2 different  U.S. styles were used (refering only to writing on lense)as well as European had an amber lense top half.
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52-53 Need more info Big diamond  
1954 => mid1955 big diamond style. Back is painted black. K~1282 stamped on the side ring. BDreflect.jpg (4747 bytes) bdreflekback.jpg (15768 bytes) lowreflectors.jpg (2081 bytes)

mid1955 => mid1957 (apr/may) - *AMERICAN ONLY*  reflectors changed to small diamond style and were moved upwards. Back is no longer painted black(typically).
mid55-mid57 european models had reflective taillights so no use for reflectors. (see above)

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mid 57 => up (US and Euro) no longer used reflectors. New taillights were reflective


Mounted in center of decklid. It was the only brakelight up until mid-1957 when VW dropped the center brakelight and incorporated the brakelight into the taillights.
exploded brakelite view is courtesy of www.barndoor.dk
1952=>mid55: License light was a "fuse style"
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mid55=>mid57: License light was the standard later type.
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