Sekurit, Delog, Sigla and more.

Below are logos found on a variety of Buses. Eventually it will be possible to have a good classification of what's years typically used what, but until that time, I need your help! Please email me any logos you may have that are different in anyway from the ones below. Helpful items are -Where the piece of glass was used, what year your bus is, and whether or not you know its original to your bus.

Need more info/pics. ANY LOGOS! please email

Sekurit is tempered and when broken it shatters into pieces. It was used all the way around on a Euro spec bus. Non passenger bus exports that had the safety option ordered would receive the safety laminated windshields only with either Delog or Sigla typically. An export passenger bus would also receive safety glass all the way around to protect the passengers, typically all Sigla. 


Barndoor 52 and earlier?
Dots under R and T. Drivers side glass, stationary.
logodriverglassunknown.jpg (6521 bytes)
Barndoor 52 and earlier?
Dots under K and T. Rear glass.
logounkrear.jpg (12809 bytes)
Barndoor 52 and earlier?
Dots under S and T. Slider side glass.
logounkslider.jpg (10645 bytes)
Barndoor 53 only? - seen on a 53 side window popout
logo53popout.JPG (6117 bytes)
Barndoor 53 only? - seen on 53 windshields.
Nothing except the word SEKURIT
logo53windhsield.jpg (10977 bytes)
Barndoor 54/55 - Seen on 54 rhd side glass
note the different dot locations on all barndoor glass.
Basically they kept moving around the dots on Barndoor glass
D-02, AS2
logo54rhdbd.jpg (12587 bytes)
Barndoor 54/55- Seen on 54rhd windshield
logo54rhdwind.jpg (12109 bytes)
Barndoor 54/55 - Seen on 55 barndoor.
Big logo era and contained 2 lines of text. Has dot to the center left of Sekurit title.
D-02, AS2
logobarnsek.jpg (36340 bytes)
Barndoor 54/55 - Seen on 55 barndoor
Sekurit dot is on lower left of logo. Also has a dot above the 0 in D-02.
D-02, AS2
logobarn2sek.jpg (37984 bytes)
Barndoor 54/55 - Seen on 55 barndoor
Sekurit dot is directly underneath the S
D-02, AS2
logobarn4sek.jpg (71821 bytes)
Barndoor 54/55 - Seen on 55 barndoor
Sekurit dot is underneath and to the right of the S.

There is also a Sekurit logo with no dot at all.
D-02, AS2

logobarn3sek.jpg (29411 bytes)
56 only? Seen on a 56, left side
Note dots are now at the end of Sekurit instead of beginning. 
Now 3 lines of text.
D-02, AS2
logo56leftside.jpg (15327 bytes)
56 only? Seen on a 56, right side
D-02, AS2
logo56rightside.jpg (13268 bytes)
57 only?
Entire logo got smaller.
D-02, AS2
logopre58.jpg (40076 bytes)
58 to end of 59?
now 4 lines of text
D-02, AS2
logo58later.jpg (45639 bytes)
D-02, AS2
logorerhatch4wline.jpg (40464 bytes)
64? thru  66/67?? Seen on vent wings, sliding glass, and windshields, rear windshields, etc. This is the most common of the Sekurit logos.
4 lines of text as above, with a horizontal line separating the D-02 from the AS2. Also has VW symbol
D-02, AS2

logo4linesekurit.jpg (10312 bytes)

"Sekurit - 1"
60's?? Seen on vent wing.

D89, AS2, M89
logoventsekurit.m89.jpg (66604 bytes)
"Sekurit - S"
Very unusual Sekurit logo. Seen on windshields of an early 60s fire truck SC.
D-12, TP GS 26,
logosekur.d12.tpgs.jpg (16437 bytes)
60's?? Seen on vent wing, and stationary door glass, both sides.
D-02, AS2, M2
logosekurit.m2.jpg (47538 bytes)
logo4linesek.m2.jpg (23822 bytes)

Laminated glass. Fragile and fogs/bubbles easily.  Latches for the side windows could not be drilled thru or it would crack so side window latches were attached to rails underneath when equipped with sigla.

These are the logos on the front windshields of my 55 Barndoor panel which was sent to Canada originally.

This barndoor, in addition to other codes, also had Mcodes 18, 83, 86, which are all unknown so maybe that has something to do with this?
D-06, AS1

logobarnsigla.jpg (30503 bytes)
mar55-61 windshield logo.
logosiglanod06.jpg (52296 bytes)
logo55.63.sigla.jpg (5295 bytes)
62-63 windshield logo.
Now with VW logo and ~~D-06
logo62to63sigla.jpg (11484 bytes)

Seen on a 66 Euro spec ambulance
~~D-06, AS-1, M100
logoSigla2.jpg (45757 bytes)


Commonly seen on US imports, since Sekurit wasn't safety glass, which is required by US law. This applies to front windshield only.

Seen on 2 original 57 windshields, US import

logoearlydelog.jpg (32196 bytes)

Seen on windshield
Added VW symbol.
Logo got smaller and more text added. suspect this was early 60s and later..
D-110, AS1, M112

logomiddelog.jpg (122585 bytes)

Identical to above, but no M 112 at bottom of logo. Years unknown

will take pic shortly.

Windshield, seen on a 66/67
D-08, AS1, M111

logodelogfrtlate.jpg (11338 bytes)


Seen on a 56 Euro spec ambulance
(also seen on another 56 Canadian delivered Ambulance)
D-04, AS2

logoKinonglas.jpg (76807 bytes)

Seen on a 63 rear glass, also side popout glass
D-19, AS2

logoDurvitrearglass63.jpg (50602 bytes)
?? need pics/info
Misc replacement. 
All the glass below is known replacement glass. Typcially newer brazillian or factory replacements.

Vent wing, Tempered

logo.vent.replace.jpg (25587 bytes)

Rear corner glass, Tempered

logo.replace.brazilcorner.jpg (26037 bytes)

Looking for help on this matter. Any pics of any styles or thoughts on this, appreciated!

!!!Super Special Thanks to Hazetguy for his help on this research!!!

Also thanks to Clara W and Ed Conery for some hard to find logos!

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