Double cab rear seat

This is under research. I am looking for info on original paint trucks and what their pedestals are, if different than this information.
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58 only
Curved pedestal, mounting tabs point inward. Black upholstery
earlydcrearseat.jpg (57277 bytes)
Curved pedestal, mounting tabs point inward. Grey upholstery 
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 Curved pedestal, mounting tabs point outward. Grey upholstery
dcpedestal.jpg (30913 bytes)
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Flat pedestal, mounting tabs point outward. Mesh Grey upholstery. Notice the 2 circle pressings and strength notches across the top ridge.
67onlyrear.jpg (11300 bytes) latedcpedestal.jpg (29625 bytes)
68 and later
Flat with no circle pressings
68later.jpg (20119 bytes)

Other related items of detail
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rear seat positioning bar
I know this was used on pre61 seats but am unsure when it stopped. Anyone have more info?
59to60seat4.JPG (210370 bytes)


Notice the rib pattern stops early and the strip only extends to the pedestal joint. 
earlydcmat2.jpg (66075 bytes) earlydcmat.jpg (9918 bytes)
The strip extends all the way back along with the ribs.
latedcmat.jpg (32335 bytes)