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These came stock on all trucks unless it was a special model or owner opted for none. They were attached using
4.8mmX16mm screws until approx September of 1960 when VW began riveting them. 
I believe the later years may have changed to a blind (Pop) rivet style , perhaps when they changed the rivet location on the DC's. Anyone have more info???

Since all years were hand done, no 2 beds will have the exact same hole pattern.
The holes were not countersunk, but the screw heads were "set in" flush..
slatscrews.jpg (6457 bytes)  
slatssetin.jpg (50648 bytes)

Bucked rivet style (61-65?)

rivet1.jpg (115270 bytes) rivet2.jpg (150910 bytes) rivet3.jpg (209790 bytes) rivet4.jpg (20495 bytes)

Later year Blind rivet style? (66-67?)

rivet5.jpg (64431 bytes)

Both SC and DC slats were cut off square on the ends on the longer slats as shown below. Only the shorter slats had the taper.  Here is an og shot from a SC-
slatcut.jpg (112705 bytes)

Parts manual claims that as of April 30th 1957 VIN# 249 220, VW changed the slat material used, to a "hardwood" and then used this "hardwood" until VIN#252 834 which was the middle of may, the following month. That makes no sense.
Hardwood meaning oak, or hardwood meaning stopped using oak?...Anyone know anything about this? I have yet to find a specific call out on what wood was used. Ash and Oak seems to be the most popular answers.

The slats had a "sealing compound" applied to the underside for the first month of production and shortly after at 18th sep 1952 VIN 20-034 096, they went to a 'terostat sealing strip'


Single Cabs: Slats are 1 1/4" wide by 5/8" thick. There are 15 slats total.
2 different lengths are needed: 5 of them are 8foot 1 1/4". The other 10 are 8foot 5 1/2". They go in every other space on the bed.
Double Cabs: Same as above except the lengths are different. 10 Long ones are 69" and the 5 short ones are 64".

A good stain/clear coat to use is PPG 2021, you'll need about a quart.
(see pics below for all other dimensions)

 slattop.jpg (14702 bytes)slatbottom.jpg (17811 bytes)slatside.jpg (14524 bytes)slatend.jpg (3553 bytes)

INSTALLATION using original bed holes.
So you've decided to grin and bear it and use the original factory holes even though it looks like a wobbly drunk man was put in charge of drilling at the factory?? Good for you! Your one step closer to maintaining your truck as it was originally designed! You will notice the holes on the bed do not go straight across the bed, Most of them vary in position to some degree. A good  way to figure out where to pre-drill the holes in your slats, is to lay the slat in the groove that it goes in. (make sure you have the right one, they are different lengths). Then make a mark on the bed at each end of the slat once you have the slat positioned. Now remove the slat and take a measurement from one of your marks to the center of the first hole, and so on etc. Transfer the marks to your slat, drill a hole the size of the screw shank all the way thru, then drill another hole in the same spot - the size of the screw head so it can set in below the surface - but only drill in the depth of the head. Then install the slat with sheet  metal screws as seen in above pic or rivets, per what your year calls out. Don't back out now, pop rivets are the easy way out, but you insisted on using the original holes, so use the correct fasteners as well! =)
The slats go in between every other hump as pictured in photo below.
slatssetin.jpg (50648 bytes) slatoverview.jpg (77218 bytes) slatview2.jpg (90333 bytes) slats.jpg (45005 bytes)

Reproduction info (2007)
Wolfsburg West-.  $175 for single cab and $160 for double cab
Please contact    for more info.

Chris Murray- "my company is now reproducing cargo bed slats for all years of VW trucks. Our product is reproduced from original samples and is available in stock oak, beech, and maple. We also offer custom runs in any wood species and length. All slat sets are shipped cut, sanded, and ready to install. Each piece is sanded to 180 grit and ready for pre-drilling and finish. Every order will be packaged in bubble wrap and boxed for safe shipping.  Prices are as follows: All years, SC/DC:  $170.00 USD plus shipping. We are now able to supply appropriate screw or rivet kits for installation.

Rick Wilson Woodworking - double cab and single cab wood bed slats   Price: $410 and down
Designed using the factory original slat profiles, these slats are an exacting duplication of what originally came on VW trucks. Each set is ready to install and includes all the correct hardware.
-Made of ash, the wood originally used by VW (custom runs of any species you like are also available at additional cost)
- For pre-1960 trucks I offer 4.8mmX16mm screws as original, excepting that they are made of stainless steel.
-For later models I offer blind rivets as original, excepting that they are stainless and are closed end rivets, making them water tight (unlike the originals)
-pre-drilled and counter bored with spacing based off of original trucks
-finished in penetrating oil for 24 hours. The result is a long lasting finish that is easy to maintain and is fully impregnated the entire thickness of the wood. Similar oil was most likely used by VW
-The ends of the slats are beveled and the long slats by the cab are square cut as original
(note: I have seen an original slat set on a 67 single cab that has the long slats beveled on both ends. If you have a 67 this is probably correct. This option is offered at no charge).
--Complete double cab slat set - $390 --Complete single cab slat set - $410
other options, such as un-drilled or unfinished, are also available. Contact me for details.
single or double cab wood bows also available - $125
Shipping - $50 anywhere in the contingent US (pick up available for no charge)
CA residence add 8% sales tax
if paying via paypal please ad 2% to total to cover paypal fees
installation at my shop is available. Contact me for details

Know of someone who is making these?
email me with the info