In case you were wondering, yes, everyone hated replacing the bed on their truck.

Rachel took on the thankless job of replacing her bed, 
here is a link directly to her bed replacement on her 56 SC.
Excellent step by step pictures
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This used to be a link to a very nice bed replacement page...unfortunately it is no longer on the net.
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Simon Olden did the bed replacement as was nice enough to provide me with pictures as he went along. Here's some of that-
"You may notice that I welded every flat instead of the factory every other one.
The panels were okay but I made sure they were weighted down well and once
cramped in position I welded from the outside edge, towards the middle,
going down the length of the bed  then starting at the next along."

bed1.jpg (92096 bytes) bed2.jpg (88292 bytes)  bed3.jpg (64826 bytes)
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Part sources:

Wolfsburg west,   Carry entire replacement sections for you bed, they run  560.00 US for the whole set (plus shipping)

ISPwest also carry's replacement sections as well. They charge around $150 per panel. (also around $100 for shipping in the U.S.)

Wolfgang int offers a nice alternative for around $50. They sell small replacement panels ( 15 1/2" wide and 59" long) for those trucks that only have a bad spot of rust in a certain area and don't need a complete or even partial bed removal.