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Owner: Sven Smith, Prescott AZ.      update: (recently sold to someone else)
Stock everything
This SC was bought from CA in 98 at the SOTO show. We test drove it and the engine was knocking. Sven had been looking for quite some time and decided this was "the one" so he bought it anyway....It didnt even make it back to the hotel - Engine siezed. The next day at the classic we searched for a tow bar and never found one. We headed back to the hotel while a buddy of mine continued to search. He finally found one that a guy brought in case of emergency and the guy was being a dick about letting him borrow it even tho he lived in the same town back in AZ! My friend ended up giving him 1 of my porsche rims that I had bought at SOTO and $80 (40 refundable)for deposit and to cover the guys gas money to the classic? seesh, whatever happened to bus owner karma! Anyway, that took waayy too long and by the time my friend rushed back to the hotel with the towbar to meet us, it was too late.... We had headed out on the freeway - the SC attached to a tow strap and my 94 JETTA pulling it!! lol We did 80-90 the whole way with him ridin in the sc takin up the tow strap slack. Made it back 500 miles succesfully. When i got home, i turned in my driveway and my water pump died...lucky it was under warranty altho im not sure towing SCs would count as "normal wear and tear"... This SC now resides in prescott AZ  (see pic above) with a rebuilt engine. Used as a daily driver.