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58 interior shot
Submitted by: Dan Howard
Binz rear seat
Owner/Submitter: Dan kinsey
Binz gate. Binz took SC gates and cut the front part off to shorten them. Binz door inside handle, same as bus front Notice the seam from the single cab bed
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When Dan kinsey's Binz was sandblasted, KCW went slowly and found these M-codes on the bulkhead.
They are as follows:
261-Single cab-Door on right side.
164-Front blinkers
191-Belly pans


In 1953 In 1957
Primered single cab: 6050 DM Primered single cab: 5655 DM (price dropped)
Modification: 895 DM Modification: 1057 DM
Paint: 185 DM Paint: 260 DM
Optional Binz rear seat: 166 DM Optional Binz rear seat: 250 DM


1953 SO Brochure 1956 SO Brochure
German (Front/Back) English translation Front Back
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